Making your living room your comfortable headquarters doesn’t mean cramming it full of furniture. Think about your personality and the types of activities you would like to do in your living room.

Here are three tips for picking furniture for a condo:

Budget and Shopping

Brand new living room  furniture costs money and at times, thousands of dollars for a quality sofa.Stay on top of your finances by establishing a furniture budget that corresponds with your financial condition. Even if you have a hefty furniture budget, you might not want to spend it all.

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Size matters

Size does matter when you are thinking about furniture pieces that can comfortably fit inside your condo’s living room. Take into consideration,  the width and height of doorways, stairwells and hallways leading into your condo. Grab a tape measure and measure these architectural features to ensure that a piece of your beautiful furniture can even make it to the interior space of your condo. Select furniture pieces that are in scale with the size of your living room ceiling height and actual floor space.

Use multifunctional furniture

In a  living room, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. Think of using the ottomans to your chaise lounge  as a coffee table or extra seating, nesting side tables that can be moved around as needed or versatile little stools that can be seats or tables.

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