How to pick living room furniture for a condo

How to pick living room furniture for a condo


Making your living room your comfortable headquarters doesn’t mean cramming it full of furniture. Think about your personality and the types of activities you would like to do in your living room.

Here are three tips for picking furniture for a condo:

Budget and Shopping

Brand new living room  furniture costs money and at times, thousands of dollars for a quality sofa.Stay on top of your finances by establishing a furniture budget that corresponds with your financial condition. Even if you have a hefty furniture budget, you might not want to spend it all.

At MORE for LESS we offer quality furniture pieces that will help you stay within your budget.

Size matters

Size does matter when you are thinking about furniture pieces that can comfortably fit inside your condo’s living room. Take into consideration,  the width and height of doorways, stairwells and hallways leading into your condo. Grab a tape measure and measure these architectural features to ensure that a piece of your beautiful furniture can even make it to the interior space of your condo. Select furniture pieces that are in scale with the size of your living room ceiling height and actual floor space.

Use multifunctional furniture

In a  living room, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. Think of using the ottomans to your chaise lounge  as a coffee table or extra seating, nesting side tables that can be moved around as needed or versatile little stools that can be seats or tables.

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4 secrets to always finding the best clothes  at MORE for LESS

4 secrets to always finding the best clothes at MORE for LESS

When you are faced with multiple racks of awesomeness, it can be easy to run through and decide that isn’t anything for you. Don’t be fooled and let these awesome finds hidden pass you by; follow these 4 tips to notice the many gems tucked on the racks.

Size isn’t anything but a number
Unless you like only wearing figure fitting pieces, size does not have to be a deal breaker when it comes to finding consigned gems. Oversized boyfriend shirts can be cinched with belts or even turned into tunic staples. There are so many styles in high end stores that are meant to be worn baggy, so why does size have to matter?

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of snipping
Sleeves can be snipped, pants can transform into shorts, collars can be removed, and blouses can be hemmed into cute crop tops. All you need is a needle and a thread, hemming tape, or with the assistance of your favorite tailor, almost anything is fashionably possible.

Seek inspiration.
Login into Pinterest, search Instagram, look through some old magazines for your favorite outfits. It’s easy as 1,2,3 to snap up a camel colored trench coat or a multi-green colored sweater at a consignment store because you know those are staples people usually need, which helps you notice them on the racks. The same thought applies to unique finds you constantly overlook.

Let yourself think in terms of accents
When you are just beginning and building a wardrobe, your primary concern is getting your basics. You cannot really play around with an outfit if you don’t have enough tops and bottoms to match and mix. However, once you get into your shopping groove at MORE for LESS and find interesting treasures, allow yourself to look at certain items as accents. Do not be afraid to try something that’s outside of your normal style. While you might be naturally a safe fashion player, the fashion cops won’t be called on you for trying on that colorful summer scarf. Fashion is meant to be fun. Stop playing it safe!

2017 Summer Fashions at MORE for LESS

2017 Summer Fashions at MORE for LESS

Ready or not summer mode is in full swing.

Let’s face it M4L Insiders, tee shirts and cute shorts will always be on the summer wearable list, but sometimes a flirty dress is a nice change of pace. Sleeveless style dresses are a must have for summer since the dresses can be worn day into night!

Every woman needs a tote bag with an optional purse inside, and every fashionable woman needs an oversized one! It’s just so nice to be able to go hands-free while going to work, running through the airport or running errands, and to be able to have the space to throw everything you need into one bag!

A comfy pair of platform sandals are “in” for summer 2017, because they provide a little bit of height. Platforms are so flattering to the legs! A cute bonus is that platform sandals look equally fabulous paired with shorts, cropped jeans, skirts and casual dresses, and are the perfect shoe to have on hand.
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Glam. Gowns. Prom 2017

Glam. Gowns. Prom 2017

Prom 2017 is sneaking up on us and the fantabulous night is known to be pretty expensive.

From glitzy dresses, hair and nails to accessories, your purse will be a few dollars lighter.

While it is easy to spend a lot of money on prom, we at MORE for LESS have found some money saving prom tips to help you out!


You don’t want to be the girl in the department store sifting through dresses that a million other girls will probably wear! Prom is a night to remember and your dress and beautiful look should be unique! Prom dresses can vary from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it can be very easy to save money by finding a reasonably priced dress at a consignment store such as MORE for LESS. If you find a dress at MORE for LESS that may not be your size, simply get it altered at a local dry cleaner. Tailored clothing always looks more expensive! Save money while
looking like a million dollars.


There are plenty of ways to reveal your beauty without emptying your bank account on pricey hair, nail, and makeup appointments.

Instead of getting ready at overpriced salons, you can have a few makeup practice sessions with your friends at home. Not only will it be fun, it will cost you less. YouTube is filled with makeup and hair tutorials. Just watch, practice, and learn! You can also go to a beauty school to receive a pedicure and manicure for half the price of a regular nail spa.


MORE for LESS sells beautiful purses, shoes and jewelry, providing you with the perfect accessories to ensure you look like a million dollars on your special day.

6 Creative, Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

6 Creative, Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Did you know the average American will spend $134.00 on Valentine’s Day gifts? Let’s forego the store bought balloons, chocolate heart, and the standard dozen rose bouquet.

With so many ways to express your undying love for that special someone; how can you choose just one? Though it may be hard to pinpoint, you can be sure to find something for your loved one at MORE for LESS.  If your loved one prefers to pamper oneself or unwind while sitting in a comfortable chair, then we have something for you. Why pay full price or marked up holiday prices for a memorable gift?

The cupids over at MORE for LESS have curated an array of unique finds to suit your loved one’s fancy.  They have even put together a creative list of ideas to help you give MORE for LESS.

Check out 6 ideas below:

  • Instead of buying roses, create a  bouquet of  cute blouses
  • If your true love is a big wine drinker, give them a set of crystal wine glasses. We have some beautiful ones for you to choose from.
  • Take a mason jar and fill it up with cute necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Then decorate the jar with heart shaped stickers or tie a cute scarf around the jar.
  • Create a movie night basket and include beautiful pillows for comfortable cuddling.
  • Cook dinner for your loved one and serve them on the new plate set you picked up at MORE for LESS
  • Give her a beautiful wristlet filled with her favorite giftcards

Stop in today for more gift ideas from the cupids of MORE for LESS.