When you are faced with multiple racks of awesomeness, it can be easy to run through and decide that isn’t anything for you. Don’t be fooled and let these awesome finds hidden pass you by; follow these 4 tips to notice the many gems tucked on the racks.

Size isn’t anything but a number
Unless you like only wearing figure fitting pieces, size does not have to be a deal breaker when it comes to finding consigned gems. Oversized boyfriend shirts can be cinched with belts or even turned into tunic staples. There are so many styles in high end stores that are meant to be worn baggy, so why does size have to matter?

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of snipping
Sleeves can be snipped, pants can transform into shorts, collars can be removed, and blouses can be hemmed into cute crop tops. All you need is a needle and a thread, hemming tape, or with the assistance of your favorite tailor, almost anything is fashionably possible.

Seek inspiration.
Login into Pinterest, search Instagram, look through some old magazines for your favorite outfits. It’s easy as 1,2,3 to snap up a camel colored trench coat or a multi-green colored sweater at a consignment store because you know those are staples people usually need, which helps you notice them on the racks. The same thought applies to unique finds you constantly overlook.

Let yourself think in terms of accents
When you are just beginning and building a wardrobe, your primary concern is getting your basics. You cannot really play around with an outfit if you don’t have enough tops and bottoms to match and mix. However, once you get into your shopping groove at MORE for LESS and find interesting treasures, allow yourself to look at certain items as accents. Do not be afraid to try something that’s outside of your normal style. While you might be naturally a safe fashion player, the fashion cops won’t be called on you for trying on that colorful summer scarf. Fashion is meant to be fun. Stop playing it safe!