Tips for remixing and layering your wardrobe

With a rise in the wind and a drastic drop in the temperature, it is now time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe! But do not fret! Just because it’s getting cooler does not mean you cannot  keep dressing to impress from MORE for LESS.

If there’s one thing fashionistas and fashionistos know how to do when it’s freezing outside, it’s layer. Layer, layer, layer! Whether it’s pairing a silk camisole with a Tracey Ellen cashmere sweater and Marc Jacobs wool coat or rotating in cute and cozy accessories like a DKNY blanket scarf or pom-pom beanie, the combination of possibilities is timeless and  limitless.

You can still wear your favorite maxi dress with a chunky sweater, a scarf, and cute tights.

It is all about the layering. Just because it is winter does not mean you have to give up on your fabulous style. Try piling on a jumper over a turtleneck with a trench and scarf for the ultimate  MORE for LESS fashion insider look!

Here are a few more layering ways to take your winter style to the next level.

Be Bold

Of course an all black outfit can seem very drab if you are wearing a lot of layers.  Wearing a bold add-on such as a colorful plaid sweater can put your style front and center.

Drape Your Jacket

Draping your jacket over your shoulders can make your outfit look richer! It makes the statement that you are ready for a day or night in the town, says a fashion insider.

Long Sleeves Under Short Sleeves

Throw your favorite casual short sleeve shirt over a cute long sleeve one for a casual look.

When in doubt..belt it out

Your flawless shape can easily become lost in a heavy winter coat, so throw on a belt to emphasize your waist without freezing.

Remember you can always be fab and live a beautiful life no matter the season! Stop in MORE for LESS today and get layered!